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I am Enough | I am EnoughI came across this video yesterday on Facebook, I am Enough, You are Enough by Marisa Peer…

Its very powerful..I have discovered in just how much we ALL need to realise We Are Enough.

I am Enough, You are Enough


How important self talk is, what we tell ourselves,  we believe, or even the way others have spoken to you. So much truth in this, its something I feel Sooo passionate about – as I felt so much of my life feeling I wasn’t enough.  I know so many other beautiful people out there – who feel this…

We tend to say to ourselves ‘oh Im so stupid’ and the little child in us (sub conscious mind) believes that. We say these things in a joke, do not joke about it.  We think its funny or arragant to think or believe we are amazing, its totally fine to say I AM AMAZING 🙂

We are Enough – You Absolutely Are Enough – I am Enough

I could totally relate to what she was saying here, all we want is Love, Valididation, Praise, knowing we are enough. So tell yourself…

Go Write on your Wall
I  am Enough – You are
Write it on your Mirror – I am Amazing, I am Powerful, whatever works for you. I have on my bathroom Mirror “I am Amazing

Record on your phone, Shout it from the Roof tops.  You know, as Marisa says at one point in her talk, magazines and everywhere are constantly telling us, we are Not Enough.. not Slim enough, Not beautiful enough…

We are ALL Enough, we’re Actually far more than Enough.

Its Time We All Believed That…

I am On  a Mission – For Every women (men too)  To realise they are amazing

Come join me and lets help everyone know they are enough – share this blog, 

Shout it from the rooftops !!!


Come Be The Best Version of Yourself You Can Be

… I am Enough

KNOW You Are Enough….


Please leave me your thoughts…

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