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As I walked along today, once again I saw a small but beautiful Murmation of birds, and I realised that every day, Im seeing one, and it hit me, Why I see What I see.  What We Look for we find.

In case you don’t know what a murmuration  is, this is it… a big one

isn’t it beautiful.  My dad used to point these out to me when I was young and now I look for them and see them everywhere I go, not always as big as this one, but still beautiful. The way birds fly, together, in sync.  We have this ability to do things in total alignment, however we get in our own way, by ignoring our sixth sense, that little voice that says ‘go right’ and instead we go left.

This is another one, that reminds me so much of my dad, his favourite piece of music and nature…

What You Look For, You Will Find, Why I see what I see

As I say in my Facebook Live here,

it goes the same for loving you. Focus on what you DO love about you.  It took me years.  I hated so much of myself.  Then I started to focus on what I did love.  I love my hair, Silver now !! I love my teeth 🙂 even my uneven ones ! I love my eyes, my shoulders, my arms.. and no before you say it – Yes there are areas I don’t love, however I’ve gotten to a stage now where I accept those areas, I do’nt focus on those, I focus on the areas I do love, hence loving them more and loving myself more.

Wake up in the morning, being grateful for a good nights sleep and being grateful for the great day, you are GOING to have 🙂

Remember what you look for, you will find… so look for all the wonderful things that happen and believe it or not, the more you do this, you will shut off the negative stuff.
Its your choice


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Helen xx


Law of Attraction

What Amazing Things Can Happen Today

So What Amazing Things Can happen today? or in fact may have happened already?

I think I first heard Pam Grout share this… and I know ask myself regularly

What Amazing Things Can Happen Today

The thing is – we spend far more time, focussing on the not so good things happening today, however if we just, as the saying goes ‘When you Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.. this is absolutely the case.

I’m a Brit/Kiwi… I grew up in the UK and by accident (thats another story) emigrated to New Zealand in my late 20’s.  I love the life over there, so very laid back, ‘she’ll be right mate’. Anything goes… kind of thing.  Recently, well the last 3 years I’ve returned to the UK, Wales to be precise, to spend time with my mother. My adult kids have now flown the nest.

So right now, we have a gorgeous long weekend. The Sun has come out, ironically its taken its time, and this weekend, is the hottest May Bank Holiday, weekend on record.  However everywhere you go, brits are saying ‘Its lovely, however its going to turn bad next week’!! WTF.. how about just focussing on the gorgeous weather right NOW!!

So I invite you to focus on the good stuff.  The wonderfully Amazing things that are happening all around you.. right now..

When asking ‘What Amazing things Can Happen Today’.. your subconscious mind goes off, like the google search button and finds all the amazing things that happen today and every day you ask this question.

Ill give you some hints

You woke up (many people didn’t)

You are breathing, maybe you walked to your kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee?

The Birds are singing…

Miracles happen every day – some comes disguised as ‘issues’ when in fact they are ways the Universe (God, whatever you want to call that Higher Power)…  is showing you what you need to learn.

I don’t watch the news, however as I shared earlier this week, I occasionally look through my mother’s paper, for Good News Stories.. and you always find them ‘if you are looking’

My father taught me to always be appreciating the simple things, bird song etc.  Now I can’t go out Summer or Winter without being very aware of the beautiful sound of the birds.

I spend many walks, looking around seeing if I can spot that beautiful bird that is singing to me, or the amazing way the birds fly.

So remember when you wake up, ‘What Amazing things Can Happen today’ and what your amazing world unfold



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Inspirational Stories

Love Really Is all Around
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Love Really is All Around

 If you ever needed proof that Love Really is All Around, I found it today

My mother has for a long time read the Daily Mail, its a UK paper that actually a few years ago was known for, lets just say causing older people to be miserable, however, they read it like a bible.
Today, Saturday I picked it up, I tend to read my horoscope (its eerily right) and pick through the rubbish articles where they run down everyone from decent people to ‘villians of the peace’ and find the good articles..
Today I found two… Amazing articles to prove that Love really is All around

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