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So How Do We Overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting

This is an oldie but a goodie – sharing again.. enjoy 🙂

So have you ever gone through something that was So Terrifying that you really didn’t know how you were going get through, let alone Overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting with Gabrielle Bernstein – start living the life you wanted?

I went through a very challenging time 12 years ago,I lost a very close relative..and we were estranged at the time so it was really tough and within weeks, my job was disestablished and then I went through a year of bullying……


Phew – looking back now, I’m not sure how I got through it

…but I did, I was a single parent at the time..

so it was doubly tough, oh and then I was bullied for a year in my new job…which is another story !!

hilariously awful when I look back, I often call it my ‘anus horribilis’ after the Queen’s words… but it really was…

Why am I sharing this? I was able to Overcome The fear and eventually start manifesting,

… I came out the other side so much stronger and wiser AND attracted the great things, I have now

so Know that through your fears you will Gain Strength

So now some 12 years later, I wake up every morning and do;

… my journal
… my gratitude list
… My affirmations

(yes I wake up early!) empowering myself…

This morning, I spent a good portion of it on Gabrielle Bernstein’s video, so I just had to share ‘the love’ with you…

its about Overcoming our Fears and Manifesting our Dreams – Our goals…

lets hear With Gabrielle Bernstein has to say?


its about Making a Choice to Live your Life a Different way…

Focusing on Whats Possible, asking

What Wonderful Things Can Happen to me Today?

Removing the fear from your life…you can do this by tapping, journalling… just to name a few


… False Evidence Appearing Real.


Fear Stops us Manifesting what we Really want… and sometimes we just can’t help it…

and asking those Powerful Positive Questions

What amazing things can happen today?
What do I need to do today to break through this fear?

We All have fears.. Everyone who has ever achieved anything has fear…

but its as Gabrielle talks about – Focussing on Where You are Going.

…and not your Challenges…

Don’t let your Outside Circumstances Dictate your Inside thoughts…

So once you have got through your fears.. Start Manifesting….

This one features Gabrielle with Marie Forleo, who I have been following for ‘years’…is just amazing

She shares some great quotes form A Course Of Miracles


‘This or something more’

‘Miracles Occur Naturally and when they don’t occur,

something has gone wrong’ – A course in Miracles

Get Very clear on what you Desire, write it down in detail, see it in your head, visualise it)

Get Clear and Get Rid of All Your Negative Beliefs/Limiting beliefs

(Say that you are Whatever you want to be, I am a Motivational Speaker, A Successful blogger….)


Know the Universe Has your Back
Trust the Universe will give you Exactly what You Need to Heal those limiting beliefs). The Outside World will reflect your Inner Condition, so if you are worrying about things, you will bring more of those things to you…


.. ‘Having a Manifestation mishap’


‘Those who are Certain of the Outcome,

can wait and and wait without Anxiety’ – A Course in Miracles

Lets Listen to Gabrielle Bernstein again…..

The #1 Key To Manifesting


Be Clear but Be Open to What The Universe considers Best…

I hope this short but ‘packed full of information’ blog has helped you…

have you like me, been through a terrifying time and come out of it Stronger and Wiser..

and manifested amazing things?

Please leave me your comments below …

We Can ALL Overcome the Fear and Start Manifesting, its just a question of working on our ‘inner demons’, just watch the videos, put them into action… and Achieve All you Desire…



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Law of Attraction

What Amazing Things Can Happen Today

So What Amazing Things Can happen today? or in fact may have happened already?

I think I first heard Pam Grout share this… and I know ask myself regularly

What Amazing Things Can Happen Today

The thing is – we spend far more time, focussing on the not so good things happening today, however if we just, as the saying goes ‘When you Change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’.. this is absolutely the case.

I’m a Brit/Kiwi… I grew up in the UK and by accident (thats another story) emigrated to New Zealand in my late 20’s.  I love the life over there, so very laid back, ‘she’ll be right mate’. Anything goes… kind of thing.  Recently, well the last 3 years I’ve returned to the UK, Wales to be precise, to spend time with my mother. My adult kids have now flown the nest.

So right now, we have a gorgeous long weekend. The Sun has come out, ironically its taken its time, and this weekend, is the hottest May Bank Holiday, weekend on record.  However everywhere you go, brits are saying ‘Its lovely, however its going to turn bad next week’!! WTF.. how about just focussing on the gorgeous weather right NOW!!

So I invite you to focus on the good stuff.  The wonderfully Amazing things that are happening all around you.. right now..

When asking ‘What Amazing things Can Happen Today’.. your subconscious mind goes off, like the google search button and finds all the amazing things that happen today and every day you ask this question.

Ill give you some hints

You woke up (many people didn’t)

You are breathing, maybe you walked to your kitchen to make a cup of tea or coffee?

The Birds are singing…

Miracles happen every day – some comes disguised as ‘issues’ when in fact they are ways the Universe (God, whatever you want to call that Higher Power)…  is showing you what you need to learn.

I don’t watch the news, however as I shared earlier this week, I occasionally look through my mother’s paper, for Good News Stories.. and you always find them ‘if you are looking’

My father taught me to always be appreciating the simple things, bird song etc.  Now I can’t go out Summer or Winter without being very aware of the beautiful sound of the birds.

I spend many walks, looking around seeing if I can spot that beautiful bird that is singing to me, or the amazing way the birds fly.

So remember when you wake up, ‘What Amazing things Can Happen today’ and what your amazing world unfold



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