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Normal People

Yes, thats me in all my glory, about 12 maybe, but looking more like 8, story of my life !! 

… I kinda like it now… 

a while ago, my son said

‘Oh yes you don’t look anywhere near your age, maybe 40’s,, ah maybe 48 ah maybe early 50’s.. and in my true style, I laughed and said ‘Oh thank you’…

Why am I showing you that photo…

… because it takes me back. like this drama i’ve just watched.

Normal People.. OMG it was incredible…

Abuse, verbal and physical, bullying, feeling ugly and flat chested..

You name it.. I’ve been there..

Watching, the mother say nothing as the brother bullys the daughter OMG, how could she not say anything

… once again I’ve been there, I’ve been bullied and saw people just watch and not speak up.. because they needed to be liked.  or were afraid..

The boyfriend making the girlfriend a Secret, and actually ‘ghosting’ the girlfriend at school..

Been there too.  I had a boyfriend, who was on the OUTSIDE ‘gorgeous’ but a Wet Towel of. man.  He was tall and handsome. We were INSTANTLY attracted to each other, the chemistry was amazing. However he didn’t want anyone knowing we were seeing each other and then one night I stayed at his place . he hurried me out the door before his Adult sons came back…

Yes, I finally realised my worth and walked away.. However, it took me ‘years’ to get over him..

This is partly Why I do what I do, 

I EMPOWER you to be The Amazing, Powerful Beautiful woman that you are. Because You are.

I’ve been where you are. I’ve walked away from relationships… when it would have been so much easier to stay.

I”ve stayed in relationships Because I wanted to be with SOMEONE.. Everyone else was in Happy Ever After.. (in truth I had NO Idea what their relationship was like)… so I hung on, and was shamed, and treated so badly..

I remember one guy.. once again tall dark and handsome.. but such an A*se hole  really… 

short version.

We had broken up but he fancied sex… there were other people in the room (asleep).. I was very submissive, late 20’s very attractive but didn’t see it.

Didn’t feel good enough.
Amazed that this man had fancied me… !!

So Yes.. I have been there.. and this drama bought it all up for me.. In a good way.. showing me how far I’ve come…

I did a live yesterday on this very thing. Something I feel so strongly about..

…Stand Up
… Speak Up.. for others if they can’t.
… Be that Person who will do whatever you can, whenever you can.

Just think, if that were your son, or daughter wouldn’t you want some one to speak up for them?

So as you see i have come FULL circle, thats why I KNOW I can help you..

Want to chat? want to know how we can work together..

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hit reply and tell me how you can relate, a story you’ve experienced. 

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