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Hurt People Hurt People

I have shared this before, but having just seen a post about someone being bullied, I have to share here.

Bullies are everywhere, they are parents, brothers, sisters, ‘friends’ work colleagues. Everyone has the potential to be a bully.

I was bullied both as a child and as a adult. The person who bullied me as a adult, was an HR person !! and two other grown men sat there and watched her bully me, month after month.

I was going through a bereavement at the time, but they didn’t care, or didn’t seem to (in truth I think they were weak and just focussed on themselves and not upsetting the powers that be) Bullying is rife in the workplace, dissatisfied managers etc.

I left, and they paid me out, maybe they wanted me out. There is sometimes method in their madness.

Anyway – I came across potential bullies after. However by this time, I had worked on me.. your Absolute best investment. Work on yourself, Loving yourself, accepting yourself, valuing yourself.

I started to ‘be friend’ these potential bullies.
…Give them compliments.

They are Hurt people, hurting people.

I don’t know the science behind it, but I do know they need love.

I remember hearing about someone being in g a crowded place and this guy was sounding off, really aggressive and yelling. One brave man went up to him and just said ‘I love you man’… (american!) and the aggressive man just crumbled.

…Value yourself more.
…Love yourself more..
… Treat people with kindness
… Remember they are ‘hurt people hurting people

Give Everything you want, for yourself to others, as well as to others

If you have a friend or loved one, bullying you.

Work on you.. and you’ll be amazed how things change.

However, if your not strong enough, put distance between yourself and them until you are

Much Love


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