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OMG I was Terrified

I landed again !!

Omg, I have landed AGAIN

It is soo terrifying, taking that leap of faith, out of your comfort zone

… whether its walking into that party alone
… or applying for that job
… first day at that job
… or saying No..
.. or perhaps like me, its jumping on a flight somewhere not knowing
the outcome.

A few week ago, I took that leap of faith.

I travelled from the UK back to NZ, my second home, however my house is rented out, so I have ‘no home’.. as my mother sees it.

I see it differently – We ALL have our own perspective.

…. I see FREEDOM.
My house is being looked after. My mortgage paid !!

I was going to do Air b and B and stay with some friends (my kids don’t have room in their respective place for me to stay).

I confess, before I set off I was terrified. Both excited and terrified (they are very similar feelings)

Alas my trip could not have gone better.

From being asked to join some wonderful Brazilians for a drink on my first and last night in Auckland.

… being driven to my new place by another wonderful now friend in Wellington (Air b and b host)

.. having a cup of tea AND a curry made on my first night in Melbourne.

… these were ALL my experiences on my travels.

… I stayed with fantastic people, friends who put me up, as well as air b and b hosts.

I have gotten further out of my comfort zone than ever before.

I cannot tell you, How EMPOWERING this whole experience has been for me.

I arrived in Australia, just after the ground had been taken from under me….

… You see, other than my coaching, I do caring.

I have worked as a carer on and off in both NZ and the UK for 20 plus years.

….however, I found out in Melbourne, that unless you can show your certificate in caring, or nursing (which I have ‘somewhere’), they won’t employ you. Not even if you have a list of wonderful references.

So after 3 Amazing weeks in Melbourne – I was absolutely having a blast.

Stepping OH so far out of my comfort zone, I made the decision to return to the UK.

… My mothers birthday
… Summer (was getting rather chilly in Melbourne – thought it was warm ALL The time there !!

As I say, not an easy decision and Only for a while.

Ill do more caring here, which I love and work on my own business.

My mothers face was a picture when I arrived. A few tears, so doubly worth it…

So whats my message here !!

Push Yourself Out of Your Comfort zone..

I am a different person after my 6 weeks travelling.

I am here to help you do the same.

I am shortly doing a 5 FREE Day course on

‘Learning to Love Me,

To take part in this course, leave a comment ‘Im interested’

Im only taking 15 amazing ladies, who WANT this change badly….

how you life can change, when you learn to Love, Value and Respect yourself.

Always here to help You..

With Love


Ps; Come and join the tribe.