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What To do when Anxiety Hits

One thing I have learnt over my lifetimes, is that we are never alone.

Not with our problems – everyone has been through, is going through or is about to go through what we are going through, right now in this very minute.

That made me feel so much better, I hope it has  you 🙂

When I started to share my story, or various stories, from miscarriage to grief, I realised how many other people had gone through what I had gone through and realised, ‘OMG Im not alone’. I know how alone we feel when going through these things, so Im here to tell you , You are not.

How To Deal with Anxiety

So today we’re talking about anxiety, the awful feeling when;

  • your heart feels like its about to burst out of your chest
  • You’re getting these awful feelings through your body and you think you’re about to die
  • You wakeup in a cold or hot sweat and 3 in the morning and you honestly want the bed/floor or whatever to swallow you up.
  • You feel like everyone is looking at you, and you don’t want to move..Sound familiar?

I have been through this many times. Fortunately I don’t anymore… Do you know why?
I have started to face my fears.

Many years ago, I was bullied at work. I went through hell on earth.

  • One of my sisters died suddenly, we were estranged
  • 6 weeks later, my job was disestablished.
  • I applied for and was given a new job I wasn’t in the right space for (I was still grieving)
  • I developed some health issues, associated with my sister’s sudden passing
  • They started to find fault with Everything, yes Everything I did at work.

This went on for a year… yes a solid year of rushing off to the hospital, thinking I was dying every few months. Sitting on my bed at 700am  in the morning, curled up in the foetal position, not being able to eat or drink and losing about 2 stone in weight, shaking with terror at the thought of Another day of this…

The worst thing was, I felt I had very little power over any of it. And Yet the power was all mine.

To cut a very long story short. I took back my power at the end of the year, and have never looked back since.

I started to IMMERSE myself in Personal Development

So to answer that question that I know your asking

How did I deal with the anxiety.

Me having got over myself and climbed to the top.. OMG at times it was scary but boy did I feel good 🙂

I talked to myself.

Just like a couple of years ago, on walking on a very steep cliff,  realising that I have a fear of heights, yet even though I’ve done a bungee and a sky dive, I still get scared of heights.
However, I talk to myself.

We have so much more Power over ourselves than we realise.

‘You can do this’
‘Boy this is a piece of cake, compared to what you”ve been through’
‘think how you’re doing to feel when you overcome it’
‘Your Amazing’


Ask yourself, whats the worse thing that can happen, and what will I do when that happens.
Faster EFT… check out Robert G Smith on Youtube. Im not a licensed practitioner but I know it works


I can tell you with confidence, I haven’t had anxiety for many years now.  I’ve faced my fears, I still have some, however each time I face them.

I journal every day
I walk every day
I focus on gratitude
I talk to myself

I talk to others, in confidence about my fears.

Most of all, I work on me every single day…

Turn off the news,  take myself out for walks, read empowering books, Jen Sincero, Pam Grout, Wayne Dyer, the list is endless.. Go and google any of those names and you’ll find amazing uplifting content. Plus you can go to my Youtube channel for help too.

And yes, I have at times in the past, taken medication to help me… however no longer. Its totally your ‘thing’ if you want to take something, however for me, the side effects, far out way the positives, so I chose to do it myself and I’ve proven I can. You can too, if you want to

For more info, help on getting through anxiety, come talk to me, Im hear to help


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