About Helen

Welcome – Im Helen and This is Be Deliciously Free

Hi Welcome To My Blog – Be Deliciously Free

I named this blog and my brand after a Favourite perfume,  DKNY Be Delicious and yes- if you like Light Gorgeous perfumes, that people will turn around as you walk past them, then go buy it 🙂

I’ve recently altered my brand, from Be Deliciously Abundant to Be Deliciously Free.  You see a few things have happened, I have recently been through an interesting journey, and like a caterpillar I’ve changed, I’ve metarmorphazed into Be Deliciously Free, and Im here to show you how you can too

It wasn’t an easy decision, however as I have, my blog, domain Be Deliciously Abundant, went through some challenges, and the name Be Deliciously Free kept coming to me.. so eventually I gave him and Here I am….

So who is Helen aka Be Deliciously Free.  You can read more about me here, however Im here to Help you Become the Very best version of Yourself, so that you too can Feel Be Deliciously Free… Free as a bird, from other people’s judgements, to be your very own best self, something we struggle with all our lives.