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As I walked along today, once again I saw a small but beautiful Murmation of birds, and I realised that every day, Im seeing one, and it hit me, Why I see What I see.  What We Look for we find.

In case you don’t know what a murmuration  is, this is it… a big one

isn’t it beautiful.  My dad used to point these out to me when I was young and now I look for them and see them everywhere I go, not always as big as this one, but still beautiful. The way birds fly, together, in sync.  We have this ability to do things in total alignment, however we get in our own way, by ignoring our sixth sense, that little voice that says ‘go right’ and instead we go left.

This is another one, that reminds me so much of my dad, his favourite piece of music and nature…

What You Look For, You Will Find, Why I see what I see

As I say in my Facebook Live here,

it goes the same for loving you. Focus on what you DO love about you.  It took me years.  I hated so much of myself.  Then I started to focus on what I did love.  I love my hair, Silver now !! I love my teeth 🙂 even my uneven ones ! I love my eyes, my shoulders, my arms.. and no before you say it – Yes there are areas I don’t love, however I’ve gotten to a stage now where I accept those areas, I do’nt focus on those, I focus on the areas I do love, hence loving them more and loving myself more.

Wake up in the morning, being grateful for a good nights sleep and being grateful for the great day, you are GOING to have 🙂

Remember what you look for, you will find… so look for all the wonderful things that happen and believe it or not, the more you do this, you will shut off the negative stuff.
Its your choice


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Helen xx