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An Interview With Pam Grout | E Squared | Thank and Grow Rich

This is dedicated to an amazing woman, who is going through such excruciating pain right now and yet still manages to send messages, share the love, the grief, her feelings with her thousands of fans… We Love you Pam and we are so very sorry.  As we have all said, there are no words…

A few days days ago, I was looking on Pam’s page, as I do from time to time.. and I saw some posts that greatly concerned me…  I messaged various people who I could see had either posted this posts, or knew Pam.  I received some further news.  Long story short..

Pam lost her daughter, her beloved best friend, her travelling companion, the one that is so close to your heart…  she lost her daughter Taz. As if that wasn’t enough, she had just lost her mother.

My heart goes out to Pam and her family…

I was further blown away, when I received a blog from Pam, with the confirmation that I was waiting for, that her beautiful gorgeous, best friend and daughter, had passed away

Some years ago, I was set the task by a coach at the time, to interview some amazing people…  One of my passions, IS the Law of Attraction and how amazing it is.

One of the first people I asked was Pam, and of course Pam being Pam she agreed.  She is, I have to say, one of the nicest, most humblest, most amazing people I know.  She also had a cold, and yet she still turned up.  Anyway heres is the amazing interview Pam gave me, Enjoy

Wasn’t that just incredible.

For someone as lovely as Pam, to lose her daughter, way too young ‘Only the good die young’.. I can verify this, my sister also died, way too soon, 12 years ago. Amazing woman she was too.

So here is Pams blog.. as well as a beautiful picture of them both.  My heart goes out to you Pam.  You will get through this, I know you will. You are amazing as was Taz.

Please leave me your comments, your love.. and do share…and do share your love, for Pam and appreciate your loved ones, you just never know.

I dedicate this to Pam and her beautiful daughter Taz..

Pam has since written yet another beautiful blog about her daughter, Taz, please pop over and read

Fierce love, will travel