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I Really don’t like myself very much | Neither did I

Omg how I relate to this, not so much now, but in my younger years.

Maybe like me, you look at a photo of yourself and cringe ‘OMG What do I look like?” once again, you’re not alone, we have all been there, are there.

In fact Im blown away by how many women do not see how amazingly gorgeous they are. Gorgeous, stunning friends of mine, that I look at and think ‘omg you look just like Sandra Bullock’ (yes I really do have a friend who reminds me so much of her)

That was so me, in my youth and indeed until Not so very long ago !! Eeek

I grew up, the youngest of 3 girls. We were all about 2 years apart, but I felt and looked about 10 years younger.

I felt like such a stranger in my own home, I have no idea why.  Oh yes, I used to get a different present to them at xmas. They would get the same (how boring I think now) and I would get something different and like all kids, I just wanted to blend in, be the same.

I was a very timid young woman. The last to get my boobs, my period even a boyfriend. Well knowing what I know now, ie that when you actually tell people how you’re feeling, you realise ‘OMG you feel like that too’.. so in retrospect, I probably wasn’t the last, however back in the 70’s I felt like I was.

I can’t remember when it happened, but I started to get into Personal Development.  I remember getting the Secret out of the library and then immediately buying the book AND the film and watching it again and again.

However, long before that my confidence started to grow.
I left the UK on a whim.  I had taken the plunge and moved from S Wales, up to London – to seek my fortune !! test my wings, find myself..

Then a couple of years into my living in London, I met a Kiwi (guy from New Zealand) and to cut a very long story short, he had to return to New Zealand. Despite my plans to go to Canada as a nanny, i found myself saying ‘Ill come with you’.. and that was that.

It wasn’t all plain sailing however. Whilst he was a lovely man, after planning our trip to New Zealand, trip booked and paid for, our relationship, at this stage about 18 months,  started to crumble… however we decided to still do the trip.

Why am I sharing this? Because stepping outside of my comfort zone, was the making of me and it Can be for you too.

Whether thats moving to another town, across the world, going to ‘that party’ on your own will only do one thing – empower you. Even if things go wrong, as they have with me.  I checked into an awful but ‘cheap’ hostel in Melbourne a few years ago, could not get myself out quick enough – walked across town, pulling my ‘far too big/heavy  for travelling’ suitcase, and found another hostel where I had a blast!!

I had come to Melbourne, to do the Great Ocean Road and yet I had no one to do it with..

‘OMG,  I can’t do it’. I told myself

Bearing in mind, I was probably one of the oldest women around, surrounded by these young men and women in their 20’s.  I asked around and everyone had done it, so I started to rack my brain, with the thought coming to me

‘Helen, get a grip you’ve come here to Do this trip, just do it’

So I  perused the internet and found myself a lovely little trip on a mini bus, starting at 7am in the morning, returning at 11pm.. booked it…

OMG I was soo freakin’ excited !!



Me Feeling Soo good at our First stop on the Great Ocean Road, one of the best things I ever did

Doing things like this, learning to laugh at my mistakes has made me the person I am today.
And No, I can absolutely tell you, Im not always confident. 

So start by asking yourself ‘what have I achieved’ and ‘how amazing am I’

Because You are.


I  shared this video several years ago, just had to share it again

Read empowering books, Pam Grout, Jen Sincero, Rhonda Byrne.. they are all amazing women and amazing books.

Honestly guys, its taken me ‘years’ to love and accept myself.  Im not quite there, I still have areas I don’t like. However I chose to focus on what I do.

My hair, my teeth, my eyes, my smile, my arms, my tops half (ha ha ).

My legs, my daughter recently said to me ‘Mum you have lovely legs for your age’ ha ha I laughed but thought I’ll take it !! 🙂

I absolutely Love this scene…
look at this guy, he is gorgeous and yet he doubts himself



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With Love always 

Helen aka Be Deliciously Free