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I Love You..

When did you last write a love letter?

How are your relationships?

We need to have better relationships with Everyone.

Our friends/family

The Better our relationship with OURSELVES, the better our relationship will be with Everything else in our life.

When did you last write a love letter to Yourself?

Telling yourself how proud you are of your achievement, how much you love yourself? How can you expect anyone else to love you if you don’t love yourself?

When did you last do Mirror work?

Look at yourself in the eye and tell yourself

‘I Love you, Im so proud of you, I forgive you’.. “I love your eyes, I love your nose’….

It took me ‘years’ to be able to do this without laughing without crying.. Now I can do it and laugh with happiness, because at last I have made peace with my self.

Many years ago, I applied to do modelling (hilarious now, I would HATE to be a model).. because someone I worked with, was modelling. I got the response

‘your face has too much character’

…WTF does that mean? I thought. Walking away very offended.

Years later, whilst at work, someone came up to me and said

‘Oh I love that face, so much character’…

…WTF again !! I thought? What is it with my face and its character…

Now at last I LOVE my face. No its far from perfect, but it MY Face and I love it…

I love my Silver hair

My pierced nose (not everyone does, but thats OK I DO 🙂

What do You love about yourself?

Getting writing those letters..


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