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What does Freedom/Unconditional Love mean to you?

What does BeDeliciouslyFree mean to you?

I came up with this name, for two reasons;

DKNY BeDelicious, a perfume I discovered a long time ago.

So long in fact that at xmas, my son sent me some and because I haven’t had it for a while, on thanking him for sending it to me, he told me ‘I remember you wearing it when I was young’ OMG, hes 24 now!.

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but i LOVE freedom and the two go hand in hand for me. When I smell DKNY BeDelicious, I go somewhere. (when you can, find some and smell it, I’d love to know what you get from it)

Recently I did a Mini Masterclass series, on ‘Lets Talk Unconditional Love”…. how did that name come about?

Several years ago, I lost my fur baby, who meant so much to me. I was truly devastated. I know now, that she had helped me through everything and when she went, everything I’d ever lost came up. A coach at the time asked me what I most missed about her ‘the Unconditional Love’ I said within a split second
‘then give that to yourself’…Oh what a revelation…

Don’t we ALL need to do that, we are so often looking for love AND giving love in ALL the wrong places.

So welcome to BeDeliciouslyFree and Lets Talk Unconditional Love.. I share and my coaching is based on my own life.

From a very shy young girl, the youngest of 3 girls who never felt good enough. I saw ‘success’ as getting Great exam results O levels and A Levels (something I didn’t achieve) because thats what my sisters got and I watched them in awe.

Then as I immersed more and more in my own growth.

Like you, i’ve been through so much;

Bullying, Losing a close relative, (we were estranged at the time)

I’ve lost friends, I thought were best friends “I’ve tried for 10 years to get you’… can you imagine how much that hurt.

I had told this friends Everything, my darkest deepest secrets. However losing her and her ‘followers’ was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It made me push myself out of my comfort zone.

I’ve been through things that devastated me, and picked myself up and got on with life again. We have No Choice..

Having said all this, its horrible being bullied, not believing you’re not good enough.

Try so hard to ‘fit in’ with others, when you know deep down, ‘Im not a bit like them, I just want to be accepted’..

Thats just what I did !! I started to Accept me for me…

So Today, I’d love you to share with ALL of us, what you’ve noticed about you, that You Love. How have you changed over the years?

This is Me about 12, looking ALOT younger (blessed now lol ) I was so shy, lacking confidence etc.. How far I’ve come 🙂 What about you?

With Love always



Lets talk Unconditional Love