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You couldn’t make this stuff up

You really couldn’t make this stuff up…

So when Im not coaching, I put my Caring hat on and Im an essential worker…in the community, so I drive around going to people’s houses, with all the masks, aprons, gloves etc.. you get this gist. … yesterday, NY’s Eve, I got up for work at 6am and went out to the car.. … it was freezing. All my windows frozen.  I however, like to have some fresh air, Yes in ALL weathers.  I tried and tried to open my car window as I drove around.

I gave up and after a couple of calls, went to get a coffee…. as I walked away from the car, I heard this Almighty crash. I looked at the car, couldn’t see anything… … and then I saw, my drivers window had disappeared completely…

OMG, I thought  ‘Where’s the  glass?”… then when I tried the door, I could tell it was in the door, it was very heavy. I got my coffee and got back in the car.. freezing as I drive lol.. After my next call, an hour or so later, I came out to my car.. thinking my eyes were deceiving me. Now the passenger window was also gone !!! 

I was in shock. WTF….

I did have a word with the Universe at this stage, as whilst 30 years ago I had an soft top car, I have been thinking ‘mmm I’d quite like another one’.. however not in this Frigging Freezing weather !! 

Anyway – long story short, I went to my garage, who can’t fix it right now, however they did give me some tape and plastic to cover BOTH windows until they can fix it…

Why am I telling you this??

Because today is New Years day, its Also Fun Friday in my tribe.. One thing I have learnt in life, is To LAUGH both at myself and at life..

Life will hand you a sh*t sandwich every so often, however we just Have to get on with it. Attitude will get you everywhere..

its a stance I’ve adopted for years..
 When Friends let me down (Or so I thought were friends)
…When I’ve heard devastating news, that broke my heartWhen I’ve been torn between living in NZ and the UK

the list goes on…

Can you relate?

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Make 2021 Your Year !! 

Happy New Year 
Helen Lets Talk Unconditional

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