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What Losing friends Can do For You..

Hey My Gorgeous reader

We are out of our comfort zones right now… 

i know.. it hurts, its hard BUT Its Good for US…

… its teaching us to GROW.. its teaching us to EXPAND ourselves…

For those of you who don’t know me very well, I want to share something with you.

Sometimes, in fact, very often out of great challenges, hardships, comes the best rewards…

Some of you may have heard this story..

Years ago, I was pushed RIGHT out of my comfort zone..

it involved Speaking Up about something I believed in..

In short, I told a friend her man was playing around….

the mistake I made.. was telling her WHO told me.. 

because that meant even more sh*t hit the fan… and I hadn’t intended to hurt that friend at all. I hadn’t intended to hurt ANYONE. I was just telling the truth, standing true to what I believed in !

no I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes,


a friend had told me she’d seen him enough times, for me to know it was true.

I know Not everyone would speak up.

…I’ve heard several stories of people finding out and Not telling their friend.

This goes totally against my integrity. 

….I would Hate it if a friend KNEW and didn’t tell me..

So..I told my friend as lovingly as I could..

OMG the shit hit the fan. The messenger got shot (aka Me)

Everyone including the ‘frend’ I’d told, Shut me out.. I was Persona Non Grata.

My social calendar (with this group of friends) went very quiet..

I started to see them on Facebook out without me.. I was gutted.

My heart fell to the pit of my stomach. I was devastated.. 

One particular friend, who I THOUGHT was a really good friend told me

‘Im putting some distance between us’ and ;

I’ve been trying to get you for a long time..

Gulp… this was someone I had confided in, trusted..

I Learnt a HUGE lesson.

Who My Real friends were.

 I let that friend go..

If someone doesn’t get you after a long friendship, let them go…

I had confided in that friend, they knew my deepest darkest secrets, they knew things, others didn’t and it was a real kick in the teeth but I knew it was the best thing for me.

I was Right out of my Comfort zone

There was a lot of other sh*t going on in my life so this was truly an Anus Horribilus (as the queen had some time ago)

However, it was one of the Best things to Happen to me..

...It Made me Get Out of my comfort zone
…Go out on my own – Woo Hoo Very empowering
…Make More Friends
…Value Myself More
…Be more discerning about who I was allowing in my lif

Be TRUE to myself…

I had been a People Pleaser… 

you know, fitting in, doing all the ‘right things’.. in other words, Not being my Authentic self

we’re ALL guilty of this…

Don’t get me wrong, this was HUGE, this was Terrifying, I felt ALONE

But I got through this.. and Im better and stronger for it 

I’d Love to hear your thoughts on this, would you speak up or would you stay quiet..

So I know You and I can Get through this… 

Im here to help YOU

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Always here for you 


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