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An Oh So Valuable Lesson in Gratitude

So after having a fun packed xmas, with family, back in London, things took a turn for the worse afterwards…

Some very bad news was received about someone I knew, although not well, but enough to know they are a lovely person. This was in itself devastating.

On returning to Wales, with my mother, with whom I’ve been ‘staying’ for the last 3 years, I developed what I can only describe as the ‘worst’ I’ve had ever felt’…

Fortunately, as I always hated this, after being twice to the doctors in a week, not one of them said ‘there’s a lot of it about’.

This was always ‘bandied’ about when I was young. The doctor would say to you, as if you offer some comfort ‘there’s a lot of it about’. 

… and I know how we hate to be ‘alone’ in anything, knowing someone else is suffering too, somehow gives offers us some ‘consolation’..

However, this was not forthcoming.

Then my sister, found an article in The Times, about the ‘coughing flu’…

So for the last week, I’ve had this dreadful ‘coughing flu’…

I’m never sick.. really, seriously..

… I may get a bit of allergy and sneeze etc but rarely anything more, so this hit me like  a ton of bricks.

Relentless coughing, until my whole back front and sides ache from the exertion. 

Taking Ventolin.
Steriods and finally anti-biotics in some effort to elleviate the horrendous symtoms.

However this, is not about how I’ve suffered, not at all.

This is about what I’ve  learnt from this horrendous week. How very blessed I am.

As I said, before Im staying with my mother; shes 85, an incredible woman.

You’d think she were 20 years younger. Shes been a rock to me whilst I’ve been ill for which Ill be forever grateful. 

and,  as a mum shes been very concerned for me.

One evening, as I was going back to bed, and she was asking me ‘is there anything I can do’  her face looked pained, I know as a mother myself, we hate to see our children in pain.

I pointed out ‘Mum, its just a bug, I’ll be over it soon, there’s always someone worse off’ (my dads words ringing in my ear from my youth).. and ‘think of Alice’ (name changed, the person I referred to earlier).

You see, for all our niggles, and colds, and aches and pains, there is always someone worse off.

Since losing my fur baby 5 years ago and going down a very dark tunnel, someone suggested gratitude to help me out and boy did it work.

Its worked ever since.

I love getting out in nature (something I’ve really missed this week)

I stare at the sky, the clouds, the birds in a state of awe…

I sit by the ocean, just listening to the sound of the waves, watching the fishing boats, just sitting there in absolute peace waiting for the fish, or not as the case may be.  Its just beautiful.

I never got ‘fishing’ until a a few years ago, but now I do.

To just sit there and be and listen to nature. As a fisher man said to me the to other day, when I asked if he caught anything ‘getting a fish is a bonus, its just being here’…

Just before I caught this bug, I was grateful for my lung, that I could breathe easy.

This week, I have not been able to , so I have really appreciate my lungs, as they ordinarily are.

my eyes, my ears, every part of me….

So I encourage you to wake up every day with gratitude in your heart…

Don’t take anything for granted.

Not your legs, or your fingers, your hearing, your friends, your family.

Do you know you can’t be grateful and Anxious?

Being grateful will bring more good things to be grateful for into your life.

Wake up and write a list of 10 or more things you have to be grateful for, for yourself, for others, life… just let your subconscious take you there…

You remember, when a person appreciates you, you’ll go out of your way to give that person more…

Finally, before I go, I saw this just the other day, it was absolutely a sign from the Universe ‘you’re on the right track, Helen’… enjoy and remember to thank your lucky stars everyday

That’s just how life works..

Helen x
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