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You are So Much Better Than You Think You Are

I hear so many ‘trash’ about themselves…. do you realise this? Are you aware of it? Would you talk the same way to your best friend?  Do you realise You are So Much Better than you think you are?

Don’t get me wrong,  I can totally relate

that was me…

I grew up, a very shy, introverted, young woman lacking confidence…

however I did have Drive… and had Ambition and I knew what I wanted..

I didn’t do very well at school, which wasn’t easy for me… having two elder sisters who were doing well

You Are So Much Better Than You Think You Are
Me age about 28.. not realising how amazing I was..

However, I knew from the relatively early age, I wanted to be a Nurse.. it was in my blood..

…I told Everyone about it – I didn’t realise back then I was basically ‘Talking My world Into Existence

As I said, i wasn’t doing very well, I didn’t like school...however I knew what I wanted to be…

You are So Much Better Than You Think You Are


Im the one on the left with the swimming cap on…

I didn’t feel bright, I didn’t feel pretty (yes I know now I was)

…I didn’t feel “cool’…

I was Petrified of boys..

So All In All I wasn’t a ‘Popular Girl’

….However I knew I wanted to be a nurse, so I was Focussed on that

and I KNEW I needed Biology

Long and short…

…I flunked school…

I remember a horrendous day..

I had this wonderful friend of mine Angela.. at school.. she stuck by me when I was bullied

She was always there for me.. and I would try and be there for her..

I would ‘drag’ her to the library to study…

However, she didn’t ‘need’ that.. she was One of those people, that despite not seeming to do any work

…. She Absolutely Flew through her exams.. I on the other hand crashed and burnt…

I did manage to get what I needed.. English and Biology

I was Again Amazed when I got into Nursing !!

Years passed by… I had my goals, to Be a Nurse and to have babies…

About 10 years ago.. I was talking to a Coach of mine…

Still not feeling very confident..

My Coach asked me

So What Have you Achieved Helen? I was about to really surprise myself

I sat there thinking ‘Well I wanted to be a nurse,  and I achieved that

I also wanted to learn to drive.. I achieved that too, First time I passed my driving test’

… I started to Smile..

‘I wanted to have children, I’ve had a girl and a boy, I always wanted one of each ‘….

My excitement was starting to grow now, ‘and I have travelled much of the world’.. I always wanted to travel !!

My Whole attitude changed… OMG I have Achieved Everything I ever wanted to..

That day was to Change My Whole Life, I was never to Feel I hadn’t achieved anything ever Again. It also told me That I COULD achieve anything I set my heart to..

Remember People You are SO Much Better Than You Think You Are Ask Yourselves ‘So What HAVE I achieved’…

With Love

Always here to help You…


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PS: The Photo above? I didn’t know how Amazing I was..and Boy don’t I look hot !! 🙂 (Yes I AM allowed to say it – as Are You xx)