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Are you your own worst enemy? | or your best friend

Ooh its so exciting when you find blogs, like this one, Are you your own worst enemy? ,  or best friend you thought you had lost (on my old website that went down) and you find them elsewhere.. I’m so very passionate about this subject.. Being Your Own Best Friend



Are you your own worst enemy? or best friend

would be funny, if it weren’t So tragic,

Something I feel so passionate about….

Because I talk to Gorgeous women All the time, who cannot see how Amazing they are…

..and Yes I confess that was me until relatively Recently….

So – Are you your own worst enemy? or  best friend

Most often our own worst enemy, we criticise ourselves, tell ourselves we are Not Good enough, we hate looking at ourselves in the mirror instead of being our best friend. Do you realise how much better life would be, if we become our own best friend?

Are you your own worst enemy? or your best friend

We hate having our photos done…or when we do, we do nothing but critisise ourselves

I posted this on Facebook…yesterday …..

Are you your  worst enemy?  or best friend

This is for the women….and men (if you struggle with this)

When did you last look in the mirror….

and smile at yourself and tell yourself something you loved about YOU…

When did you last see a photo of you and Actually ‘like it’…

isn’t it about time you become your Own Best Friend?

I got to grips with this when I first started Bikram Yoga  some 4.5 years ago…
you spend the whole time (90 mins) watching yourself in the mirror..

Are you your own worst enemy?  or best friend

Are you your own worst enemy? or your best friend

So you get used to looking at your body…Kinda confronting !!!

Since i’ve had no problem looking at my self in the mirror…

Ok sometimes I think

‘omg my bum is big’

but that inspires me to look after myself More,  exercise etc..

I can quite happily smile and say


‘I Love You Helen’…

and tell myself what I love about myself…

my hair, my eyes, my teeth, my shoulders – and yes there are most certainly areas Im not so fond of, however I choose not to focus on those !!

This is Sooo empowering…

I’ve also got used to looking at photos of myself…

I’ve got used to my face creasing up when I laugh…

Because Im Happy !! 🙂

Remember the More You Fall in Love with You

The More Life will Fall in Love with You…

I was quite surprised to see a few men relate and thank me for posting this…

Until We can Love and Accept ourselves.. how on earth can we expect anyone else to?

How Can We Expect to Attract (with that Law of Attraction) the Things WE LOVE to Ourselves…

How Can we Expect to Attract that man or women or our dreams???

That car? That House? That ‘Fill in the blanks’..??? until we Fall in Love with Ourselves…

We Reflect What We Put Out there…. Via the Law of Attraction.

I wrote this blog a year or so ago .. I hope it helps.. you can find it here.

Learn To Love yourself First…


PS: before I go, let me share one of my favourites with you, enjoy

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Are you your own worst enemy? or your best friend