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The Absolute Best Start To Your Day | Morning Pages

We don’t realise how important, the first 30 minutes of our day is, and how to get the Absolute Best start to our day,  with Morning Pages.


The Absolute Best Start To Your Day

For me these Morning Pages,  include Gratitude, which is an absolute Must for the start of your day. I personally wake up saying ‘thank you’..literally I do.

Thank you for a great nights sleep,
thank you for a warm firm bed (do you realise how many people don’t have that?)

So ensure you include gratitude in your Morning Pages…

So what are these Morning Pages (you can call it whatever you want, journal, etc… however Morning Pages,  are  a practice introduced by Julia Cameron.
You write 3 Pages of A4 ‘writing’ as a pose to typing.

Engages your brain rather than your fingers.

Its a Stream of Consciousness, letting your Mind run away with you, get it all out on paper.. like purging in a good way !!

I started doing Morning Pages, many years ago, and then got out of habit, until I joined a group on Facebook, connected with Angela, and got into the practice again. I have to say its one of the best things you can ever do.

Ill let Julia Cameron explain more herself on the Best Start to your day

As Julia says, you can include your shopping list, gratitude list, things that have made you angry, things that  make you laugh.

It clears your mind, it gets all your issues out on paper. I cannot recommend enough. I confess I don’t always do them ‘first thing’… however I endeavour to do them in the morning.  I also add things to them throughout the day, like my diary, or notes.


Morning Pages, are a great way of manifesting your desires… getting into alignment, aka working WITH the law of attraction and thus, becoming Bedeliciously free.

You can read more about Julia Cameron and Morning Pages here

You may be asking what sort of things can these pages help me with

  • Getting over a broking heart
  • A job Loss
  • An argument
  • Your Goals

So there you go, I challenge you to start writing Morning Pages today, and start your day your best way…

if you’re thinking, When do I find the time?  get up earlier – will be Sooo worth your time…

Leave a comment, do you already do Morning Pages?  tell me how you get on. Share if you think others can benefit this.

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