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Love Really Is all Around

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Love Really is All Around

 If you ever needed proof that Love Really is All Around, I found it today

My mother has for a long time read the Daily Mail, its a UK paper that actually a few years ago was known for, lets just say causing older people to be miserable, however, they read it like a bible.
Today, Saturday I picked it up, I tend to read my horoscope (its eerily right) and pick through the rubbish articles where they run down everyone from decent people to ‘villians of the peace’ and find the good articles..
Today I found two… Amazing articles to prove that Love really is All around

One was about an amazing young fit athlete who at a relatively young age, after finding love, had an awful ski ing  accident and was thus paralysed from the neck down.
Unlike some others, his relationship did survive and against the odds, they went onto have a gorgeous little boy. The journalist witnessed the amazing relationship they all had, including even when the baby was 2 weeks old, the three of them; bearing in mind the husband and father needed all care from his wife as well as all the care that a 2 week old baby takes to get out of the house., travelled up north to visit family
Then I found yet  another, demonstration of  Love Really is All Around.
There is an interestingly crazy show.. the jury is still out on this for me, here in the UK, I don’t often watch as Im out in the evenings. Its called Rich House Poor House. They have rich and poor families swapping houses for a week to give each a taste of how the other half live.
The great thing about this programme is very often, it gives the rich family (last week I saw a young 20 something girl in tears when realising how little the poor family had to live on in a week). This week apparently – one I missed. The poor family had £11,000 in credit card debt. On returning home the rich ‘dad’ wrote out a cheque to cover said debt. Again Sigh…
and finally.
The psychologist who features in the Daily Mail recalls one of his patients in hospital. A young homeless man who didn’t make eye contact. When the Dr asked him if he had ever considered taking his own life he said ‘Yes but I could never do it to Emma’..
No Emma wasn’t his wife or GF.. She was a commuter who passed his way every day on her way to work. She wouldn’t give him money (I don’t either) instead, every day she bought him a drink and a sandwich and sat down (on the floor) beside him and chatted to him.. She gave him a reason for living…
If we ALL focussed on sharing stories like this and Being Stories like this – we really would demonstrate that Love Really is All Around
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