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Im on a mission to Empower a Billion women throughout the world, to Love Value and Respect, themselves, and ultimately BeDeliciouslyFree.

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Growing up, I was very shy, introverted, the youngest of 3 girls… feeling very insecure, not good enough.  There was only 2 years between each of us, and yet in some photo’s I look ‘years’ younger than my elder sisters.

Me with my sisters and dad... very young

However, from about the age of 12, I KNEW I wanted to be a nurse, so I pulled out all the stops. I wasn’t doing particularly well at school, I think now I had some learning difficulties.. maths was always a struggle, in fact ‘concentration’ was always a struggle.  However, I knew I needed Biology for nursing, so I worked my butt off to get Biology.

Long story short, I achieved my goal of becoming a nurse..
Even Longer story short;
I was bullied both as a teenager  and as an adult, before really starting to work on myself and becoming the confident woman I am today.

The adult bullying, was horrendous (as was the bullying as a child. I now know soo many of us have been bullied.  The adult bullying was about 13 years ago, was pretty fresh in my mind. I could not believe that people stood there and said nothing whilst another person bullied me relentlessly over a year, incredible. One reason I wilL NEVER stand by and see someone treated badly by someone else.

All through my life, I had thought I had failed, until one day,  I was asked by a coach several years ago ‘so What have you achieved Helen?’

It was then I had a Lightbulb moment

I had achieved EVERYTHING I had wanted to

Passing my driving test first time

…becoming a nurse,

…travelling the world

In Kos, Greece, several years ago, travelling with my mother

…Meeting a gorgeous man and having the babies I’d always wanted.

My Gorgeous, now adult children, a few years ago in St Kilda, Melbourne

I could not believe it!

Little Old Helen Lingard, achieving ALL her dreams !!

So like You – I have been there, and now I’ve come through many challenges, still going through others and Im here to help you achieve your goals…

Because simply Put –

You are Enough, You are Amazing and you are Worth It. All of it !! whatever want. 

So Come work with me..

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I share with you, the things I’ve done to Become BeDeliciously Free – to love my life, to step Out of my comfort zone as often as I can (boy I’ve done this a few times)

How I have gotten through challenges, and believe me I’ve been through Plenty 🙂 I’ve been a single mum living 15,000 miles away from my family..


.”I am grateful to Helen for becoming my mindset coach/lifecoach.

During our regular catch ups Helen has listened and provided suggestions and feedback that have kept me focussed and motivated. She has not been afraid to challenge me which has allowed me to take a good look at myself and realise how I’m going to achieve what I want out of life. It is very clear that Helen loves what she does, she is an extremely passionate and positive person. Helen has provided me with tools and exercises that have helped me dramatically and for this I’m thankful.”


Helen has an uncanny knack of combining compassion with a strong practical approach to solving issues and helping people move from ‘stuck’ to ‘successful’. If you work with Helen, expect a ‘cuddle’ and a ‘kick up the backside’ both at the same time. If you are looking for a mentor to help you to move on from the ‘single parent’ label and step into what you are truly passionate about then I would highly recommend Helen. She is both a role model and an inspirational coach.


Helen has always shown a strong dedication to her personal and professional development to ensure she is suitably skilled to provide value to her prospective business partners and team. I would recommend that anyone who comes across Helen looking for coaching to follow her up for a personal consultation